Employment & Labour Law

To put it simply, employment law deals with the rights of individuals. In this respect, employment law is unique in that it focuses on the relationship between the individual employee and their employer. This usually leads to terms, conditions and agreements entered between these two parties as outlined in employment contracts.

Most common situations addressed by employment lawyers include:

  • Harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Non-competition/ non-solicitation/ non-disclosure agreements
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Wrongful dismissal and termination
  • Employment standards
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Breach of contract
  • Employment contract drafting, review and interpretation

Labour law deals with groups of employees and the collective, through organizations such as trade unions. While only about 6% of Canadian employees are part of a union, this makes up for about 900,000 employees working for approximately 18,000 employers.

When you have a workplace-related legal issue, our team can help. You can start by asking yourself whether you belong to a union and proceed to give us a call. We can walk you through next steps and courses of action.

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