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If you are currently in search for a Civil Litigation Lawyer, you or someone you know are probably involved in a lawsuit. Civil cases can be a complex process that is time consuming and challenging to navigate the court system without the necessary skills and experience. The litigation process involves steps, including pleadings, affidavits of documents, motions, discovery, mediations, undertakings, settlement conferences, pretrial and trial. Generally, the litigation process is divided into three main stages: the pleading stage, the discovery stage and the trial stage.

Our team of civil litigation lawyers will provide cost-effective representation and guidance throughout the litigation process to achieve the best result possible. Our team has experience in arguing motions and litigating cases at all levels of the court system and dealing with a number of areas in litigation. At OWS Law, we are involved in every phase of litigation, from the initial filings of the proceedings to any appearances before the Courts.

Working with our clients

The first step is to have a brief discussion of the case. Our lawyers will meet with you, review your case and advise you accordingly. Because civil litigation cases can be complex, it is important to explore different strategies. Our main objective is to establish a close working relationship with our clients that will allow complete transparency as we walk you through the litigation process.

It is important to note that in civil litigation, much of the battle is done prior to trial. The Ontario litigation process is designed to resolve disputes. As such, most of the cases are settled prior to trial. Our team of civil lawyers have the skills and experience to negotiate the best possible settlement for our clients. If settlement is not obtained for whatever reason, our team of civil lawyers are able to provide the proper representation in Court.

Legal Fees

At OWSLAW, we provide cost effective options for our clients. We understand that the civil litigation process can be a financial burden. As such, our lawyers will provide you with the options of either an hourly fee, fixed fee, contingency retainer and hybrid retainer.

Our Philosophy

At OWS LAW, our philosophy is simple, we are here to serve our community and provide a broad range of legal services at a competitive and affordable rate. We are focused on making our legal services readily accessible and are dedicated to maintaining a high standard. We provide honest, clear and candid services.

Our office is currently located conveniently in East Toronto at the intersection of Danforth Avenue and Pharmacy Avenue, easily accessible by public transit. We also provide mobile services to meet your needs and requirements.

The Professionals

Obaidul Haque

Obaidul Haque

Civil litigation, personal injury and administrative law

Shahwar Akbar

Shahwar Akbar

Real estate, corporate and commercial law, immigration law, wills & estates

Washim Ahmed

Washim Ahmed

Family law, child protection law, immigration law, refugee law

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