The fast-paced events that have occurred in relation to COVID-19 have taken the entire world by surprise. As many of us have been forced to stay home and either lost jobs or worked remotely, it is important to continue to stay positive, informed and in good health.

Our organization has also been taken by surprise amidst the conditions and we have been striving to continue to be productive. One day we were all at work and planning for weeks ahead and, in the blink of an eye, it seemed as if the entire world got put on hold.

This begs a very important question: How do we help the fight against COVID-19?

With plans to re-open the province, the Government of Ontario has released reports on what the plan of action will be going forward. This does not signify that the province is already open, nor does it mean that there will only be a short while until everything goes back to normal. In reality, we do not quite know what will happen next.

However, here are the suggestions we are actively following in our organization and homes:

      STAY HOME!

This cannot be sufficiently emphasized. It is of highest importance to help combat the fight against COVID-19 by staying home, social distancing when we must go outside and practicing good hygiene by washing our hands often.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.